This foundational course includes:-

  • 7 teaching videos
  • 5 downloadable audio meditations
  • 7 downloadable written exercises and teachings

Have you ever seen a building without foundations?

Have you ever seen a tree grow without having first of all put down roots in the soil?

Most of us are in such a rush to get to the juicy stuff that we forget to spend time building our foundations. There are many different hurdles where we fall. Impatience can bring us down. Lack of discipline can bring us down. Our inner critic (that voice in our heads) can bring us down. Drama, stress, anxiety, busyness can all bring us down.

Without strong foundations, we leave ourselves susceptible to the damaging and harmful influences of these turbulent and changing times.

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This Strong Foundations for Changing Times course is not a quick fix. Quite the opposite. It’s an invitation to you to grow deep roots. It teases out a few things that challenge us all from time to time. It includes some exercises which will help you to understand where you may not be as grounded as you’d like. There are also a 5 different downloadable audio meditations to help you nurture those deepening roots. It challenges you in a healthy way,  with action steps which will help to integrate your growth. It tackles how to deal with the past, explores the truth about fear, and educates you in terms of the movement of energy. It also includes some powerful exercises to help you to move energy through your body in a Holistically Intelligent way.

As we say in the introduction to the Course, we’re not here to give you a quick fix or to wow you with our brilliance, or to hook you into OUR way of doing things. No. There’s enough of that type of thing around and we don’t want to add to it. What we do want to do, however, is to inspire you and educate you in how to build strong foundations so that YOU get to build the life you want.