"It's been an amazing process and I feel FREE as never ever before! It was a fantastic experience with lifelong benefits for me standing and living in my own truth. "

This is not ordinary coaching because most of my clients are already somewhat self-aware. Many are psychotherapists, counsellors, healers or have been on their healing journey of self-awareness and personal growth for some time. They are interested in healing on an emotional and cellular level, integrating their own personal and spiritual growth into their daily lives. So, while you may already have a meditation and/or mindfulness practice, you want something deeper. 

During the first session with me, many clients say that there’s something missing. It’s as if they don’t fully belong to themselves, and they feel a deeper pull. Many have a deep desire to be fully aligned, 100% authentic, free to be true to themselves at all times.  Others need help with setting appropriate boundaries, or dealing with that relentless inner critic, the voice that says “You’re not good enough”. What they have in common, though, is a willingness to dive deep into inner transformational work, despite their fears.  Maybe you feel the same way?

And that’s where I can help.

I won’t sugar-coat anything, but I do provide an unconditionally accepting and loving space for you to relax and explore your blocks. 

I allow you to fully feel your fear while burning through it at the same time, because I simply won’t allow you to stay in a disempowered state.

 My mission is to guide you to a deeper and more connected state – in a loving and supportive way.

So I won’t let you procrastinate or sit on the fence, and I won’t let you fool yourself. 

Yes, my work can be a little challenging to the mind, because that’s where a lot of problems originate! 

When we drop the mind into the heart, we deepen our capacity to love ourselves enough to fully show up, despite whatever the mind says. 

This is not simply coaching, or psychotherapy  or counselling. It’s unique. It’s personal. It’s Soul Coaching. 

You’ll feel the difference.


"Thank You, Thank You and once more Thank You for supporting me on this journey into my heart and soul. It`s been an amazing process and I feel FREE as never ever before! It was a fantastic experience with lifelong benefits for me standing and living in my own truth. The last few pieces of this jigsaw clicked with me during and after our session last Friday."
Iwona, Belfast
"I cannot recommend Eoin highly enough. Through my private and work life I come into contact with many diverse people. Eoin is unique, he can be trusted wholeheartedly and in my opinion is deeply connected to both sincere knowledge and goodness."
Laura Thompson
"As a result of these 1 - 1 sessions I have gained a new relationship to wisdom – and to myself. I am now more self-aware, have a deeper sense of peace and of the soft emerging energy within. This has allowed me to be less guarded around others – more open, confident and accepting of who I am: an individual who has a unique contribution to make."
Andrew Brown
" I still find it hard to describe how coaching worked, but just know it did! I discovered deep seated limiting beliefs, traumas and resentments that had been holding me back for years. After my coaching sessions with Eoin I ultimately felt the most authentically 'me' that I've felt since childhood. I trust my gut instincts so much more now and no longer live my life by 'shoulds'. My spontaneity has multiplied and relationships with my loved ones are honest and fulfilling. This would have taken me years, if it would have happened at all, without Eoin's coaching."
Nicola, Belfast
"I found it liberating and I’ve been feeling much more positive and have a lot more energy."
Lisa, Dublin
"Eoin's work is gentle yet challenging, and his approach has helped me to process and heal past and present emotional issues, while being deeply supported and cared for along the way."
Liz Finch, Psychotherapist
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If you’d like to understand better how Eoin can support you on your journey of awakening and  personal growth, healing and self-actualization, then you are invited to book an Introductory 1-Hour Zoom Session. Further sessions last 75 minutes. 

A deposit of €55.00 is required to book your Introductory Session. 

This will be deducted from the cost of future sessions if you decide to work together or refunded in full if you don’t.


If you’ve already had an Introductory Session and would like to book in for more Soul Coaching, please see Eoin’s availability below. 

Eoin offers fortnightly (or monthly) 75-minute coaching sessions via Zoom (including all resources, exercises, growthwork and e-mail support). 

The cost is €420 for a 6-session package (recommended) or €225 for a 3 session package. 


Eoin Scolard is the Founder and Director of HQ – Holistic Intelligence and, possibly, your new Soul Coach.

Eoin works at a highly intuitive level with his clients to support them in their journey of emotional self-awareness, personal empowerment, and self-actualization by helping them to uncover what might be in the way of a grounded, fulfilling and meaningful life and healing that.

Your evolution and growth is what’s most important to Eoin.

You can get a better sense of Eoin by checking out some of his videos further down this page.