Now that were no longer in lockdown, it’s easy to think that we have our freedom back but is that true? 

Do you really feel free? 

Or are you still stuck in old behaviour patterns?

Do you ever wonder why we seem to be unable, unwilling, or just plain afraid to break out of old ways of thinking and being?

Maybe, like young birds before their first flight, you need a little bit of encouragement.

Or even a gentle push? 😊

If this resonates with you in any way, join us this Saturday 27 August to explore

FREEDOM: The Ultimate Desire

in more depth, especially from an energetic point of view.

About Eoin Scolard

Eoin Scolard is the Founder and Director of HQ – Holistic Intelligence.  

As well as being a wellbeing entrepreneur, Eoin has extensive experience as a Soul Coach, group facilitator, and public speaker and he supports the clients he works with on their journey to a more grounded, fulfilling and meaningful life. 

His core philosophy is that each individual is truly unique and that any meaningful change must happen from the inside out.  

Eoin says this about himself at age 64…

“After many years of counselling, workshops, retreats, healing, psychotherapy and so on, I – finally – found Me. The Authentic Me. The Powerful Me. The Creative Me. The Passionate Me. The Gentle Me.  Finally, I was “coming home” to myself, to my centre. These days – thanks to my daily practices – I find myself more and more centered, entering each day with an open mind and an undefended heart.

These days, I’m a little wiser too. I have more fun. I create more. I eat incredibly healthy organic food. I still enjoy running, yoga, meditation, singing, playing my guitars – and a glass of wine and a good boogie!

My passion is still to inspire people to be emotionally open, non-attached to their thinking, physically healthy, and fully connected to their own unique spirit.”

I found Eoin's presentation liberating and I’ve been feeling much more positive and have a lot more energy.
Lisa, Belfast
I cannot recommend Eoin highly enough. Eoin is unique and can be trusted wholeheartedly. In my opinion is deeply connected to both sincere knowledge and goodness.
Laura, Co Down
Eoin is one of my favourite speakers, for me he is up there with the likes of Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle & Deepak Chopra. When I listen to Eoin I am instantly transported to peace, honesty, truth and awareness. His gentle approach, passion for the topic, enquiring mind and genuineness awakens the Spirit and touches the Soul. If you get a chance to hear/work with Eoin grab it with both hands!
Aideen, Dublin
My longing was to experience my life in its deeper and richer dimension. Then I met Eoin - and almost immediately became aware that this was not another expert talking-up-the-good-life. I had a sense that I may be in the presence of someone who had something more significant to share.
Andrew, N. Ireland